About Us

Sotera boasts a team of creative fire engineers who apply strong fundamental knowledge of fire science to overcome the challenging and costly requirements imposed by local fire safety standards, codes, and regulations.

With over 2000 completed construction projects to date, Sotera has a wealth of experience that can provide you with peace of mind that we can tackle even the most challenging of problems.
At Sotera we combine proven fire science and novel thinking into safe, practical, and cost-effective solutions aimed at preserving human life and assets while facilitating our clients aesthetic and functional ambitions. With our expanding team of talented fire engineers, we can provide unrivalled service to our clients.

We have eight fire engineers, a cadet and support staff across two offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Four of our engineers are chartered and professionally registered fire safety engineers and we are nationally accredited to work in all states and territories.

Paul Clancy

Managing Director

MEngSC, BE Civil (Hons), PhD (Fire Eng) RPEQ NER MIEAust CPEng NSW-C10, Vic


Dr Paul Clancy established Sotera on Queensland’s Gold Coast in 2007 and since that time has worked to make it one of the most highly regarded fire engineering firms in the state. Dr Clancy was involved in the introduction of performance-based fire engineering to Australia. His vast experience includes co-ordinating one of the first fire code reform projects in 1990 (The Draft National Building Fire Safety Systems Code).

The business he created, Sotera, has expanded to now encompass eight engineers across two offices, working as a team, with Dr Clancy continuing in the role of managing director.

Dirk van der Walt

Director, Brisbane


Glenn Hamilton

Glenn Hamilton

Director, Gold Coast


Nadine Fisher

Nadine Fisher

Office Manager

MBA, BA (Journ), Cert IV Building & Construction (Contract Admin)

Xiao Chen

Xiao Chen

Senior Fire Engineer

BEng (Hons) MEng (Mech, Fire) PhD

Kevin Suen

Fire Engineer

BEng(Civil) MEng(Fire) RPEQ CPEng NER MIEAust

Pranoy Chowdhury

Fire Engineer

BEng(Civil) MEng(Civil) GradIEAust

Yunpeng Zhu

Fire Engineer

MEng MPhil

Andrei Lazouski

Fire Engineer

BEng(Hons) MEng(Struct, Fire) PhD

Wesley Lee

Fire Engineer

BEng(Hons) BBA GradIEAust


Sotera searches Australia and the world to find the highest standard of fire engineering expertise. We have employed engineers from Australia, Ireland, South Africa, India and Asia. We offer a team environment focussed on safety and solving problems to deliver the most practical and desirable solutions for our clients, who are always our top priority. The variety of work we undertake means there is plenty of opportunity for personal development, which is encouraged by management. With two offices, based in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, our employees can enjoy a wonderful work-life balance in highly sought-after areas. If you are interested in joining our team please contact us through the form by clicking below.