Sotera prides itself on providing reliable solutions to our clients across a number of areas.

Below is a list of services that we provide.

Complex Computer Modelling

We have extensive experience in the development of numerical models. Ranging from simple algorithms to sophisticated models, we analyze buildings of any size and complexity.

Performance Based Fire Engineering

Sotera can proudly provide the comfort that our service provided in Performance Based Fire is backed by Dr Paul Clancy who was involved in the introduction of performance based fire engineering to Australia. 

Construction Support

We can assist you with resolving your fire engineering construction challenges through various methods.

Design Guidance (development stage)

When it comes to fire, we can assist you along every step of the way. We offer bespoke engagement packages to suit your needs.

Facilitate Approval Authorities

A fundamental part of building fire safety design is consultation with statutory bodies and approval authorities such as local fire brigades, building controllers, private certifiers, development tribunals and other approval agencies.

Structural Fire Engineering

A key differentiator is our ability to combine structural engineering and fire engineering to provide a unique service offering to our clients.

Fire Risk Assessments

Our experienced team of fire engineers have a deep understanding of fire science, building systems and fire protection systems. From desktop studies to site inspections; we can investigate and identify fire risks and develop suitable and cost-effective mitigation measures.

Peer Reviews And Due Diligence

We offer third party peer review services with a view to facilitate compliant solutions in a timely and cost-effective manner. We strive to provide constructive input to streamline conflict resolution and add value by making our experience work for you.

Expert Witness​

With nationally accredited fire safety engineers and expertise in multiple engineering disciplines including Structural, Chemical and Mechanical engineering; Sotera’s vast scope of engineering expertise enables us to provide litigation support and provide expert legal testimony.

Our Projects

Since being established in 2007 Sotera has achieved positive outcomes on projects that cover numerous issues. We endeavour to not limit ourselves to particular industries as we strive to meet our clients needs. ​

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