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Benefits of Early Involvement of Fire Safety Engineering into the Project

It is common knowledge that fire safety engineering can solve many issues that arise throughout the project lifetime. Depending on the stage that a Fire Engineer is engaged in the project, the advantages can differ drastically. So, what are the benefits of early involvement of fire safety engineering into the project?

  • The cost of change in the early stage of design is much smaller and the freedom of design is high. This leads to practical and cost-effective fire-safe design, naturally implemented in the project.
  • Reduction of overall project risks such as approval risks.
  • Integration of input by other consultants (e.g., structural, mechanical) into the fire strategy resulting in consistent method for fire safety and fire engineering through all project stages.
  • Some performance solutions require computationally- and time-demanding CFD modelling. As an example, late involvement can lead to a more expensive DtS compliant solution for smoke exhaust causing high additional expenditures.

In case of late call for fire safety engineering, the project may encounter expensive re-design, increased approval risks and construction delays.

At Sotera we are committed to incorporating practical and cost-effective fire safety solutions in the early stages of project design. We would love the opportunity to assist with your project, so get in touch with us at either of our offices in Brisbane or Gold Coast.


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