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Bridge to Brisbane

After several months postponement, Sotera Brisbane and Gold Coast teams participated in the iconic event – Bridge to Brisbane, held recently on Sunday 7th November.

Starting from the Gateway Bridge, in good cool bright weather, the teams enjoyed the spectacular panoramic view of Brisbane including the numerous high rises of the CBD, Moreton Bay and suburbs stretching north and south. It is a rare experience to enjoy such views at a more casual speed accompanied by friendly chatter than the usual limited fleeting glimpses from dense fast-moving car windows while driving.

The extra exercise will no doubt give a boost to participants’ regular soccer, gym, and various sporting activities in the next few weeks.

The fun-run was beneficial in contributing to the work-life balance culture valued at Sotera.

Pictured above: Sotera runners – Yunpeng, Xiao, Glenn, Dirk, Pranoy and Satya taken a few minutes after successful completion having caught their breaths.

Dirk and Glenn, Directors of Brisbane and Gold Coast offices in innate competitive tussle.

If you would like to be part of one of our teams, please feel free to get in touch with us at any of our offices in Brisbane or Gold Coast.