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CPD Day at Sotera Gold Coast Office

What can be better than getting away from everyday work tasks in the middle of the week and diving into the most recent fire research topics with your colleagues and friends?

On the 13th of April, Sotera Gold Coast office held a continuing professional development (CPD) event which involved discussion of the most refreshing and insightful presentations from the SFPE International Conference, held virtually from 23-25 March. The presentations centred on Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods and included Gold Coast office director Glenn Hamilton’s presentation “Performance-Based Design of Primary Schools: Presenting a Methodology for Modelling Evacuation”.

During the event, the teams of both offices shared their opinions and comments on the presentations causing heated discussions, which didn’t stop even during coffee breaks. The work named “Artificial Intelligent Method and Software for Building Fire Safety Performance-Based Design” by Xinyan Huang caused particular interest and a big wave of comments from colleagues.

After the exciting scientific part of the day everyone was treated to an appetising and luscious BBQ cooked by office manager Nadine.

With such events, Sotera encourages continuing self-development of engineers. Updating and sharing of professional knowledge within the team and beyond is a crucial part of the company’s ethos.

This commitment to the ongoing development of our employees enables us to take on challenging projects – big and small. We would love the opportunity to assist with your project, so get in touch with us at our offices located in Brisbane or Gold Coast.


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Hamilton, Glenn & Lennon, Patrick. (2020). The 13th International Performance-Based Codes and Fire Safety Design Methods Conference & Expo Toward Fire Safe Schools: Analysis of Modelling Speed, Specific Flow and the Influence of Density.