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Fire Engineering – Extending Back of House of Existing Supermarkets

In order to maintain a competitive edge over rivals and retain customers, supermarkets around Australia are undergoing refurbishment and upgrade of their stores. The scope of works usually involves extensions of existing stores, reconfiguration of the trading floor, upgrading of existing stores to current BCA, Australian Standards and latest legislation.

At Sotera, our engineers are equipped with the expertise to deal with such issues with minimal interruption to the normal functioning of these stores and ability to meet tight deadlines. Some of the issues that we have assessed are as follows:

  • Clause C2.2, Table C2.2 – Increase in total area of the building due to extension might require change in type of construction. Performance solution can be provided to keep existing type of construction
  • Specification E2.2b – avoid installation of a smoke hazard management system, we can address the proposed works under the transitional provisions of the QLD Building Act or via performance solution
  • Clause D1.4 –Extended travel distance to an exit or between alternative exits
  • Clause E1.3 – Hydrant coverage shortfall
  • Clause E1.4 – Fire Hose Reels coverage shortfalls
  • Clause E1.5 – Omission of Sprinklers within Direct to Boot awnings

Through knowledge, innovation and experience of the team, Sotera is committed to providing the best fire engineering services to achieve safety and compliance with the BCA while also meeting stakeholder requirements.

We would love the opportunity to assist with your project, so get in touch with us at either of our offices in Brisbane or Gold Coast on 07 5562 0022.