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Managing Approval Risks and Opportunities

It is Important to have a fire engineer who sees his service as more than just fire engineering but relating to other disciplines in the design team and project requirements.

At Sotera we consider fire engineering in the full context of the project and the client’s requirements. We consider more than just the best fire engineering solution.

We consider impacts on architecture, building services, approval risks, brigade, and clients’ values. We will consider where in the project, where lies the best solutions and minimal risk.

At Sotera, we pride ourselves in developing functional solutions to design issues. We understand buildings, building codes (BCA) and fire systems, allowing us to apply fire safety engineering acumen to mitigate risk and obtain approval.

We have a collaborative team environment focused on safety and solving problems to deliver the most practical and desirable solutions for our clients, who are always our top priority. We thrive on repeat business from satisfied clients.

Our founder and managing director Dr Paul Clancy was involved with the Warren Centre and Fire Code Reform projects which introduced fire engineering into the country in the 1990’s. Our team also boasts specialists in CFD computer modelling, human behaviour and pedestrian dynamics, evacuation modelling, and fire brigade operational intervention, from backgrounds in mechanical, chemical, structural engineering and the fire service.

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