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Prospects of Fire Safety Engineering for Brisbane Olympics

With the winning bid for hosting the 2032 Olympics including Paralympics games, the labyrinth array of speculation is now focused on the economic benefits for Brisbane and surrounding areas. Some early introspection reveals that the game is likely to bring $17 billion in benefits to Australia and over $8.1 billion of benefits to Queensland where the first beneficiary of this game is almost certain to be Brisbane and south east Queensland.

It has been projected that around $632 million is likely to be spent on venue infrastructure including accommodation (International Olympic Committee, 2021). The infrastructure involves the different venues for the games, accommodation facilities for 10,000 Olympians, 5000 Paralympians, and associated staff (Edwards, 2021). The game venues will spread over 21 locations in Brisbane, 7 locations in the Gold Coast region, 4 locations in the Sunshine Coast area, and 5 other locations within the state. Many new stadiums will be built, and existing stadiums/venues will be revamped. Property prices in these areas will continue to soar according to analysts which will see the property market continue to boom in the south-east.

Fire safety engineering has a crucial role to play in designing and constructing fire safe buildings and infrastructure. Sotera is looking forward to playing our role and being a part of this economic development. The will bring a wide spectrum of fire engineering challenges ranging from structural fire safety, crowd control, egress, smoke management and fire brigade search, rescue and intervention. Our team of fire engineers draws from a diverse range of experience with backgrounds in structural, chemical, mechanical and mechatronic engineering. We also have experienced fire service personnel and a strong foundation in academia. This provides us with unrivalled perspective when tackling complex fire engineering challenges.
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