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Integrating Research into the Field of Fire Engineering

Our esteemed team of Fire Engineering Specialists includes six highly qualified and accomplished engineers, each holding a Ph.D. degree in engineering: Dr. Paul Clancy, Dr. Andrei Lazouski, Dr. Mithum Peiris, Dr. Yining Tang, Dr. Lanbo Lai, and Dr. Shipu Han.

Within Sotera, our employees enjoy the freedom and encouragement to engage in research tasks, fostering innovation and exploration.

Recently, a pioneering research article was published in the esteemed journal “Fire“, in collaboration with the University of Adelaide (UofA) and the Defence Science and Technology Group (DSTG) [1].

Furthermore, at the prestigious Fire Australia May 2024 conference, Sotera proudly delivered a comprehensive presentation focusing on the critical aspects of fire protection and life safety in uniquely designed buildings tailored for storage and supply purposes [2]. This presentation showcased our commitment to advancing fire engineering and ensuring the safety of occupants and assets in diverse environments.



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  2. Tatum, Margaret, and Clancy Paul, 2024, “Fire Protection and Life Safety in Unique Buildings for Storage and Supply” [PowerPoint slides].