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Sotera Promotes Team Culture

A good work-life balance means harmony between the different aspects of life. However, ‘living on adrenaline can only be effective for a short time. If the pressure goes on for too long — or becomes greater than the ability to cope with the stress — it can be physically and mentally draining. Chronic stress can, in turn, have a negative effect on your relationships, work success, and general wellbeing.

At Sotera, employees are encouraged to maintain a work-life balance with leaders at both the Brisbane and Gold Coast offices promoting this through regular events. Team activities, held every two months, are one way this balance is supported, with a mix of social events and activities where employees are able to participate and have fun.

Recently Sotera has encouraged its employees to participate in the Bridge to Brisbane Marathon. Some employees have been getting together to train in a bid to improve their stamina in the lead-up to the event and due to the re-scheduled date they have a little longer to get fit and ready for the 10km run.

At Sotera we are committed to the ongoing development of our employees which enables us to take on challenging projects – big and small. We would love the opportunity to assist with your project, so get in touch with us at any of our offices in Brisbane or Gold Coast.