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Staff Highlights

Xiao Chen

We are proud to announce that Xiao Chen, who joined Sotera in 2018 as a fire engineer and quickly became a highly valued member of our team, has recently been promoted to Senior Fire Engineer. His considerable expertise in fire dynamics coupled with his extensive experience of working on different types of projects in the industry make him perfect for this position.

Xiao attained his PhD from the University of Adelaide in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling providing him with a strong background in the numerical modelling of smoke and heat transport from fires. He has a deep understanding of CFD fundamentals and can carry out intricate FDS simulations and analysis. His work on projects like the TSS Annand Theatre, Movie World Scooby-Doo, and 152 Wharf Street provides a glimpse of his proficiency in FDS modelling.

Satya Sahoo

Another one of the talented fire engineers employed at Sotera, is working towards publishing a technical paper for Fire Safety Journal in Asia-Oceania Symposium on Fire Science and Technology.

He is working in collaboration with Dr Juan Hidalgo, Dr Carmen Gorska, and Hangyu Xu of the University of Queensland. In the paper, Satya explores the development of a simplified yet conservative approach to assess the thermal feedback in CLT compartments after burnout of the movable fuel. He is using FDS to carry out a parametric study based on the experiments developed by Dr Gorska. This approach has the potential to be used as a conservative tool to design the CLT compartments for self-extinction.

Nadine Fisher

Another one of our staff members who has undertaken university studies is our office manage, Nadine Fisher, who began her business studies in July 2019 at Southern Cross University. She is currently on schedule to complete her Master of Business Administration (MBA) early next year.

Nadine has been working with Sotera since 2016 and has been a great asset. Her position has continued to grow since this time, and she is now responsible for organising the office operations and procedures and has a key role in the marketing projects. We are proud of Nadine for taking the challenging path of working full time and studying.

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