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Developments in fire safety systems

Rapid developments are seen in the fire industry to improve the performance, cost effectiveness, experience, simplicity, and reliability of fire safety systems. Sprinkler protection is a major active fire protection method and hence, the reliability of the sprinkler pipes and fitting systems are of extreme importance. Material engineering capabilities have come a long way since steel was the only material used in sprinkler systems. However, steel has now faced close competition by materials such as CPVC (chlorinated polyvinyl chloride) and PEX (cross-linked polyethylene) which provides the following major benefits:

  • Higher speed and ease of installation
  • Potential cost savings due to lower material costs
  • Corrosion resistance and hence lower maintenance costs
  • Environmentally friendly benefits such as lower impact on climate change, metal depletion and low energy consumption
  • Better hydraulic performance
  • Light weight and hence ease of handling

There are a number of proprietary systems available on the market that have suitable testing and certification in place for use in various applications. We can support such systems in Class 1 – 4 buildings, including high-rise residential buildings for which we can provide performance solutions. If you are looking to save time and cost on your next sprinkler install, get in touch with our friendly team at